knitting mittens in the sunshine

“Knitting mittens in the sunshine” sounds like a Tim Minchin song title, doesn’t it? It’s not (that I’m aware of). It’s what I’ve been doing every moment I have a bit of time off from running around the country.

I sent these photos to my Pozible campaign supporters yesterday because they have first dibs on laying claim to their goodies. However, since I’ve been really enjoying making these (and they’re hella snuggly) I’m now opening up the offer to everyone. In fact I just started playing with an Etsy shop, since I imagine I’ll be making more things over the coming years.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of the sizes and colours available.

The mittens are available in three sizes:
* ‘wristlets’ – really short ones that just about reach the wrist
* ‘3/4 length’ – middle-length ones that reach just over the wrist
* ‘full length’ – longer ones that snuggle the wrist and into the forearm

The colours are marked above, but I have also got some more wool in a dark red, a deep turquoise green and a few others. Basically if you especially love a particular colour that you don’t see here just yell out and I’ll try to get the closest match possible!

The wool I have used is this fabulous stuff from Lincraft that’s all textured. The fat/thin variation in the yarn creates an almost stretchy tube, which feels remarkably snuggly. It’s been very strange knitting these in the sunshine… I almost long for winter so I can wear them myself!

What I need from you:
* for supporters who had asked for mittens as a reward, please send me your preferences.
* for supporters who asked for scarves as a reward, I have two in development; photos to come, but feel free to tell me colour preferences.
* for anyone who didn’t pledge for either, but would now like some (they’re really snuggly…)  just let me know your preference and as soon as I’ve fulfilled the original requests I’ll get right on to more!

Big warm snuggly hugs x

UPDATE: Nov 13th 2012 – sample scarves for your snuggly delectation:




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  1. Hi Fee, congrats congrats congrats on getting the bus!
    If i had to choose among your amazing creations, I’d say Lime Green (Colour A) in 3/4 length.
    Luv ya!

    • thanks sweety! ooo, someone baggsied those already. i will see if i can get some more of that yarn x

    • I know, right? I wanted to give her due credit but the shy little wallflower preferred anonymity :P

  2. Hey Fee!

    Knitting up a mitten storm! Nice work!!

    I’d love my mittens in 3/4 length. If I had my choice of any colour in the world, it would be either fire engine red or fuschia pink. If either of these choices is a pain in the butt, then the lime green is cool too.

    Knit on, sister!


      • Would blocking conmspeate for the shortness (or longness if that happens again)? I often have the same problem with socks. And why would I? They should be exactly the same?!?! This sounds silly, but are you sure you’re knitting on the same needles? Good luck, just think how great it will feel when you have them finished!

        • Hi Elshan, I’m not sure what you mean, they are intentionally different lengths! I’m playing as I learn, so these are just experiments, but still, I like the fact that my supporters get to have a choice :)
          I also have a few requests from people outside the campaign supporters so I reckon I’ll be knitting these things (and more!) for a while – it’s fun!

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