Home, James – phase1: complete

finishing touches (ext) by technoevangelist
finishing touches (ext), a photo by technoevangelist on Flickr.

Dear world, please meet “Home, James” ;)

There’s so much to share, but for now I just wanted you to meet the result (at least the exterior) of your crowdfunding support.


p.s. some links: the work-in-progress shots, the respray timelapse, the story on her name & the story on how we found each other.

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    • despite having a boy’s name, she’s a ‘she’! (a bit gender confused… oops). but yes, isn’t she wonderful?!
      *beams with pride* *giggles with excitements*.
      now just need to do the interior justice!

      • Ooops of course she’s a she. Growing up with english parents dad used to mutter ‘ home James and don’t spare the horses ‘ every time we got in the car to go home…but our cars were also always ‘she’s’ – make sense

        • precisely! and thank you for reminding me to include a link to the story on her name :)
          it’s quite a story, this lady has behind her.

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