I figure a lot of you don’t know me, so I have gathered some testimonials from people who do.

Things said about me

Without exception, Fee and the people helping her had a deep understanding of the book I wrote and the ways to express its essence into other media and live performance. This was the first genuine electronic and live action Situationist-type event I have ever experienced that actually worked. … I encourage you to support her work in any way you can. I know I will”. 

Douglas Rushkoff on our Ecstasy Club collaboration in 1997 (read his full letter of reference here).

natural educators”

Sara Diamond, now President of the Ontario College of Art & Design talking about myself and Ben Jones (the-phone-book Limited) and our education program. This was said in 2003 when she was Executive Producer of the Banff New Media Institute. NB a must-read for those interested in International early media arts best practice – Euphoria & Dystopia by Sara Diamond and Sarah Cook.

When I first met Ms. Plumley, she had just finished work on the first phase of The Phone Book, a mobile literary arts project that put the poetry into the pockets of participants 160 characters at a time. This is a visionary project that has seldom been equaled by other groups with far more resources. I endorse Ms. Fee Plumley as a prominent member of the new media arts community. She has an outstanding record of achievement in the field of New Media. I feel so strongly about her unique abilities and insights that I would bring her back to Canada to continue collaboration at the next available opportunity”.

Mark Resch, then Director of Digital Media Research at The Banff Centre, Canada, 2011.

Things said about reallybigroadtrip

“I want Fee to do RBRT because I want to see what happens when someone crowdsources their life. Fascinating, the latest and best, supersize experiment of the digital era. It works on so many layers – I get excited just thinking about it! And if anyone can do it, Fee can – I have seen Fee’s almost alchemical project management powers in action when we worked together at the Australia Council for the Arts, where Fee turned a little pot of money into a suite of internationally benchmarked arts projects and real transformation in some of the most traditional companies in the Australian arts sector”.

Jackie Bailey, arts and creative industries consultant & writer.

“Fee’s interests are wide and varied, covering everything from old school mobile phone ideas to how we can use the next generation of internet technology in ways we can’t imagine. In the short time I’ve known her, I’ve seen her explore ideas from music to gaming, from the visual arts to street-level pervasive experiences, from theatre to literature, and from the uniquely personal to the expansively cultural. She is a whirlwind and I can think of no better person to travel across Australia and document – with the same level of energy she brings to her own projects – what other people are doing in the wide brown land of digital culture.”

Paul Callaghan, writer & Director Freeplay Independent Games Festival, 2012.

“Fee is an amazing little spider. She has this massive, intricate web and she’s going to spin it all the way to the remotest corners of Australia for our benefit. Go, Spider-Fee.” 

David Blumenstein, independent animator & writer, 2012.

reallybigroadtrip is an exciting opportunity for Australians, no matter where they live, to reflect on our rapidly changing culture which is so heavily influenced by digital technology. I think everyone is part of digital culture, whether they realise it or not – basically, if you receive information or entertainment from anywhere, you’re part of it – somewhere along the line the message or content has been influenced by digital culture. Fee is an energetic, clever, funny and humble woman who has already achieved so much in this area and has the capacity to achieve so much more, with the right support. I’m so excited to follow her journey and see what happens next, and hopefully even join her at some point as she explores Australia. This is a pivotal time in our creative cultural history and reallybigroadtrip is an opportunity for us to reflect on the changes as they happen, as well as a valuable historical resource for the future. I feel lucky that this project is happening!”

Jennifer Greer Holmes, freelance niche arts, festival & campaign management, 2012.

“we’ve had the privilege of having known fee for a number of years and are very big fans of her as a practicing artist and rigorous digital mastermind.  we have admired her innovative work with the-phone-book limited and more recently felt ‘virtually’ & ‘personally’ mentored and supported by her through her role as digital arts manager at the australia council for the arts. she has pretty much single handedly mounted a digital arts campaign through ozco revolutionising the way this national funding body responds to digital culture as well as how artists can continue to creatively experiment with it.
as artists and managers of an artist led space, we have greatly benefited from the pioneering geeks-in-residence program fee devised and delivered with huge success though ozco. we are truly excited by the prospect of fee hitting the road in a geeked up bus and spreading the digital word on a grass roots level. this activity is vital and timely with the national broadband network being rolled out and we’re sure will help to demystify it’s potential impact on communities around australia and connect people across geographies. we can’t wait for the bus to head out our way!”
steve bull & kelli mccluskey – pvi collective, artists, 2012.
“This is a great project from a really likeable person thinking outside the box and pushing at the envelope of culture – she’s a techno-evangelist with a down-to-earth scheme and needs your money to realise her dream. Check out the offers she’s making on this site.”
Adam Bennett, General Manager at WAYTCO, (borrowed with permission from his facebook post), 2012.

Visa references

Here are a few excerpts from references provided to support my Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency application in 2011. These talk mainly to my work with the Australia Council for the Arts, except for a few people who knew me as a previously visiting artist with the-phone-book Limited.

Fee is a market leader in digital innovation … is known and respected in the Australian arts and digital media communities. … She brings with her a vital international network of skilled artists, educators and business people to draw from to share knowledge”

Amanda Duthie, then Head of ABC Arts & Entertainment regarding my work with the ABC / Australia Council partnership 2009-11.

Fee is in a class of her own as an early adopter of technology and in her creative ability to envisage how technology can transform people’s perspectives of, and engagement with, the arts. Through Fee’s involvement we have been exposed to a wide range of creative technology that would enable us to reach wider audiences. She has an uncanny ability to make seemingly complex technology sound accessible and personable”

Catherine Baldwin, Executive Director Bangarra Dance Theatre regarding developmental work through the Major Performing Arts Board’s Digital R&D program I set up 2009-2011.

Fee is a leader in the field of Creative Industries policy and practice especially in relation to digital and mobile platforms. … In this groundbreaking work [with the Australia Council’s Arts content for the digital era] Fee has leveraged her experiences developing, producing and exhibiting creative works in digital formats to stimulate a robust and effective set of programs offered as part of this initiative. These projects are designed to support arts-funded organisations to learn about, explore and ultimately engage with the opportunities that come with an increased internet capacity. Such up-skilling in the arts will be crucial with the roll out of the Federal Government’s National Broadband Network”.

Brian Fitzgerald, then Research Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation and co-Project Lead of Creative Commons Australia, 2011.

Fee’s professionalism and focus also speak to her commitment to Australia. She continually expresses optimism and pride in Australian culture, and often knows more about recent political cultural events than others who have been here far longer. She has made hundreds of professional and social links deep into Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, and has become deeply embedded in both the national conversation around the arts and more generally embedded in our culture.” 

Christian McCrea, Program Director for Games at RMIT University, Melbourne, 2011.

Professionals of Fee Plumley’s experience are rare in Australia. It’s true there are Australian creative and technical professionals who can provide digital strategy. Fee, however, has a rare combination of hands-on experience in the arts and creative industries, a keen insight into the challenges of micro-businesses and arts entrepreneurs and deep expertise in digital innovation and creative geekery. Throughout my career in the Australian arts sector, I’ve encountered this power combo of digital knowledge and arts-specific experience a scant handful of times, which makes Fee a scarce resource and a highly valuable commodity in Australia’s burgeoning knowledge economy. I regard her as a key resource for my organisation in realising our vision to help more Australian authors have sustainable careers”.

Kate Eltham, CEO Queensland Writer’s Centre, 2011.

Fee has been an educator of key Australian creative digital media practitioners and has been a consistent advocate that has seen her in demand as an expert speaker, facilitator and educator. Fee enhances Australia’s cultural life and is helping to build a world leading, vibrant and dynamic creative digital media culture” 

Gavin Artz, CEO ANAT (Australian Network for Art & Technology) 2011.

During her residency [with AWESOME Arts Festival, Perth in 2005] Fee created an impressive artistic project that used art to inspire and bring together young people from Perth’s outlying suburbs. Her practice displayed a passion for using art to build and strengthen the bonds of community. I was able to see her in operation and from that first hand experience would describe Fee as an outstanding individual who displays a high ethical and humanistic approach in her professional and private life. … I would like to commend Fee for the programs she devised and delivered [at the Australia Council] for their innovation and as international best practice, noting that these programs contributed significantly to the development of expertise in Australian arts and cultural sector in working with emerging digital spaces and technologies. Fee’s experience as an artist at the forefront of interactive technologies and her work with the internationally renowned artists’ group the-phone-book, as well as the international networks her work has built, have been utilised to the full during her time in Australia. The enthusiasm and dedication that she displays in her work as an artist and in the delivery of cultural policy make her an asset this country will value…”. 

Michelle Glaser, Digital Program Manager ScreenWest, 2011.

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