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For your Cold Hard Cash, accommodation, food, lifts and GEAR … THANK YOU!

So…could your name go here?! There’s a ‘donate‘ button on the right if you wanna give it a go, or contact meif you want to offer a sofa/spare room, meal or lift.

Official Sponsors

In descending order…

Then during the campaign I was with AnnaAmyPaul & Meredith (again), Narelle and Kirsty, and back to my old place in Sydney couchsurfing on my own sofa thanks to Elliott. Here’s the crowdfunding thanks page, btw. Then I spent the longest time of all with the fabulous Steve Mayhew, before house-sitting over xmas for the Kershaws. I finally moved into the bus on New Year’s Eve! Next up were Emily & Hugh – who are also project partners via their company Off Grid Energy to help me track my carbon footprint & advise on eco solutions for the bus. For February’s festival silly season I started off with a luxurious double bedroom & ensuite bathroom courtesy Leila Henderson (via LinkedIn) & Fraser. Big thanks to John Newall (@john_newall) for giving me an excuse to come back to Adelaide to house-sit while he went on his hols (plus several weeks before/after). Muchly appreciated. 31-2nd Jan 2012: Paul Callaghan (@paul_callaghan) & Meredith Tucker-Evans (@meredith_te) for putting me up over the madness of the Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman NYE bash in Melbourne that I live-tweeted (& for nursing me the next day…). 30th Dec 2011: Vicki Sowry (via LinkedIn) for lunch at her lovely home in the hills (with Ruth, Andy & BB). 27th Dec 2011: Andy Donovan (via LinkedIn) & Bambang N Karim (Be or not be) for dinner in Adelaide. 20th Dec 2011: That Simon Loffler (@sighmon) popped up again, treating me to a nice lunch to catch up on my travels to date. 12-16th Dec 2011: Tess Dryza (see LinkedIn) for accomodation, food, walks and an exclusive MONA private view in Hobart. And no thanks whatsoever to the bastards who stole my suitcase in Brighton the day I left to fly back to Australia :( Huge thanks to my sister, Clare @thingsidontneed for pretty much all the times in between :) 30th Nov 2011: Blast Theory (Matt, Ju & the kids) for dinner in Brighton. 23rd Nov 2011:  Edwin Van Ouwerkerk Moria for dinner & beers in Amsterdam. 9-17th Nov 2011: Helen Cleary & Margaret Robertson (@ranarama) for my London accommodation & dinner. 26-9th Nov 2011: Stuart Hudson (Acoustic Wednesdays & The Young Vanish) & D, for a much needed & loved revisit to my old Manchester life. 11-24th Oct 2011: Kristen Palmer & Adam Szymkowicz (http://www.adamszymkowicz.com) for my New York jaunt to mobilityshifts.org, ContactCon.com and to check out #OccupyWallSt. 10-11th Oct 2011: Siobhan & Stuart Moore for a night in the countryside. 7-10th Oct 2011: Jenny Lomax & Jez Roberts for another couple of relaxing days that turned in to submitting my Australia Council funding application for this thing! 5-7th Oct 2011: my mom, which should have been a nice relaxing couple of days in North Wales but was spent mucking around with photos for Paolo and then the Australian National Cultural Policy public sphere conference that I had promised to participate in. 2-5th Oct 2011: Kate Taylor @sheshark for the use of her flat in Manchester for a much needed couple of days downtime. 27-2nd Oct 2011: Dan Gadd & Sarah Warren for the use of their spare room in Liverpool during the ReWire conference and ANDFest. 13-24th Sept 2011: Vicki Sowry, Meredith Walsh, Jonathan Parsons & Yasemin Sabuncu for letting me sleep on their sofas during the ISEA Festival in Istanbul. 7th Sept 2011: Dave Cheng (aka @drearyclocks) is a young photographer from Sydney. He’s already helping me out with camera advice but the sweety wanted to contribute a cash donation too… bless! Also much thanks to Dave, Ky Lee Menzies (@bimyou_bimyou), Anna Slowiaczek (@annasplat), Elliott Bledsoe (@elliottbledsoe) and Dan Simmonds (@danoxster) for spoiling me to my last dinner before leaving Sydney. 31.8.11: Annie Le Cavalier (aka @annielecavalier) is Executive Director of Vibewire Youth Inc in Sydney. She told me I didn’t need to mention her name but I still wanted to say thank you. 1.8.11: Simon Loffler (aka @sighmon) is a lovely young South Australian designer, photographer, Hackerspacer, FORMATer, eco savvy vegetarian bike nerd and generally all-round nice guy (and I’m not just saying that coz he gave me cash, either). Thank you kind sir for prodding me to set up a paypal donation button x

Sponsored Questions

I’ve had a conversation with someone who wants to sponsor a question in the research. Once that’s confirmed I’ll link to them here. The door is open if you have a question you would like me to include too. Try me.

Human support

AKA: the beautiful team of people who are helping me bring this project to life & supporting my emotional as well as professional gaps!

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