Since I’m generally out on the road (and often without signal!) the best way to get access to me and my activities is via email and social media.


Email me directly via feeATreallybigroadtripDOTcom.

Sign up to my e-newsletter for (irregular) updates.


Twitter – @feesable.

Facebook page – (I do have a facebook personal profile but tend to not accept requests from people I haven’t had a reasonable amount of friendly banter with, so please don’t be offended if I suggest you follow my page instead).

Instagram –

Flickr –

I sometimes check-in to locations using Foursquare but haven’t bothered upgrading to Swarm.

As mentioned in my lateral drifts post, I’ve started using a new platform for more personal ramblings –

Physical things

I have a ‘care of’ postal address in Adelaide via the lovely folks at ANAT:

c/o Australian Network for Arts & Technology [ANAT]
Level 2, 142 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000.


I have a Skype address that I can give people for scheduled realtime conversation. I am not a fan of video chat but I’m sure there will be a few Google Hangouts as we progress.

This might sound weird, but I very rarely give out my mobile number. I am so readily available online I feel it’s important to have one private space. I would be very grateful if you would respect that by not sharing my number with others without talking to me about it first. Thank you x

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  1. Hi Fee! It sounds like a great project. From nomad to nomad, I am interested in unusual tasks…so if you find yourself doing something unexpected but inspiring and challenging, in your everyday life as a nomad, please let me know. I will be happy to write about it and spread your experience. All best!

    • what a great message to receive, thank you! wasn’t sure if you were OK this being public, so if not let me know and I’ll pull it, but thought others might like to see what you do.
      to be honest my whole life these days is unexpected, inspiring and challenging… so i guess i suit you well!
      what kinds of things do you want to know?? :)

  2. Would love to meet you – happy to provide meal, sofa, lift… Crazy busy this week/ month, but let’s discuss.

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