This project is completely independent. My only stakeholders are the gorgeous people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign so that I could afford to buy a bus. Oh and XTK (crowdfunding for projects that don’t make sense) gave me $1200 to help me get back to Australia last year.

I have been able to avoid rent by couchsurfing for over a year thanks to some incredibly generous humans. I don’t have many bills, but I cover my costs by providing geek arts services like consultancy, mentoring, workshops and online community wrangling. Some people also commission me to make new work or invite me to be an artist in residence.

I have not, so far, received any arts funding for the project.

Want to contribute?

I have a Pozible shop, and accept donations of the cash or in-kind variety.

I’m using digital culture to explore digital culture, so I’m crowdsourcing everything on the fly. If you feed me, provide a lift or accommodation your name and a link to whatever web space you most want promoting will go on the sponsor list.


If I get offered sponsorship deals, secure grant funding, or generate successful crowdfunding campaigns I’ll post about it in the blog. If anyone asks me to endorse their product I will make a decision on a case by case basis. I’m extremely unlikely to endorse anything I don’t ethically believe in (although if I haven’t eaten for a week I reserve the right to sell out) but if you’re a good cause I’ll probably shout out for you for free. Try me.

In every case of ‘sponsored postings’ I will be open about who has asked for promotion through this channel so you can make your own call about whether you want to follow up on those links or not.

The rest I’ll work out on the fly. It’s all new to me too :)

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