a long long time ago, in a place far far away…

you may have noticed that i’ve been absent for a while, a very long while. i had to come back to UK at the end of 2016 for family reasons, which ended up being not as temporary as originally expected; i’m still in UK. during that time the site got hacked, again, while things were extremely difficult for me and i’m only just getting around to fixing it now.

life has taken a pretty intense turn over the last three years. so much so that i’m honestly not sure what lies ahead for homeJames and i. she’s still around, being taken good care of by a dear friend, but when i’ll be able to get back to her (and what life will look like when i do) is still very much tbc.

all of this upheavel also makes it tricky working out what to do with this website. for now i’m just trying to make sure it’s all here, fix dead links, etc, and i’ll work the rest out as i go.

so, yeah. sorry for going awol and hit me up if you need me while i’m working things out x

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