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reallybigroadtrip is calling for expressions of interest from artists, geeks, filmmakers and social change warriors. Join us in a South Australian/APY Lands Aboriginal roadtrip, any time between April – August 2016. Digital literacy is often considered to be lacking in Aboriginal … Read more →

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Background Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which went viral through incredible support from almost 350 people (including tweets from Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Hugh Jackman) I’ve been living in homeJames (my beautiful big red bus) for over two years … Read more →

today was 12/12/12. it’s also the day i transferred ownership of the bus into my name. and the day we sprayed her “salamander red”.

world, meet red bus. red bus, meet world :)

she’s not quite finished yet, but here’s a little (very rough) timelapse that I made.

MAHUSIVE thank you to Tim, Jimmy, Craig & Glen from Roundabout Charter (for both the bus and their unreal help), as well as Tony (who provided fabulous advice and the paint). You guys rock x