writing by me

Some of my writing outside this blog:

Lateral drift ramblings

I post fragments of ideas or moments on http://fee.withknown.com which sometimes become more formed posts here.


Journals / Proceedings


Larissa Hjorth – CU The Presence of Co-Presence (pdf link) [link to realtime article about exhibition]

Live-tweeting or social media archival projects

2015 – A snapshot of some of the social media noise from Call to Action Adelaide’s March 19th 2015 national day of action, protesting in solidarity against the closures of Aboriginal communities using hashtags #SOSblakAustralia #NoConsent #LifestyleChoice

2013 – A social media archive of The Wired Lab’s award-winning sound art project, “Southern Encounter“, using hashtag #sthen.

2013 – An archive of the live-tweeting I coordinated and ran across Adelaide Festival’s Artist and Writers Week.


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