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Sometimes journalists and bloggers interview me or talk about this project (or some of the sub-projects going on around it) which is very nice of them. If you would like to do that, please contact me. You can download or link to CC-licensed images here.

I also write for myself and for others and sometimes people write about me outside of this project. I’m also an occasional guest on ABC Radio National’s Download This Show and Tech Tuesday and can often be found ranting at festivals and conferences.

Dec 2015

Ending the year with the launch of a new project focusing on improving Aboriginal Rights, and the remarkably snappy and supportive RTRFM (independent radio station in Perth) contacted me to do a quick interview. Since this project is all about working in solidarity and trying hard to ‘walk with, not speak for’, I asked superstar Luke Pearson (the energy behind IndigenousX) to join us and share his wealth of experience around increasing Aboriginal visibility online. The archive is up here: http://rtrfm.com.au/shows/mag?an_page=2015-12-17 (our segment starts around 1h36mins).

Jan 2015

Delightful article by @becbrewin for ABC Goldfields based on our chats as #homeJames passed through Kalgoorlie at the end of last year: The never ending road trip: what it’s like to live on a bus.

July 2014

In the run up to OpenSourceHome (our little ‘story so far’ update event in Adelaide, July 22-24), we’re getting a few extra bits of media attention. Some are basically just the press release, but others have been following the journey independently so are investigating a bit deeper.

June 2013

  • Lisa Gye did a writeup about the work we did at ISEA2013 in Sydney for Realtime – To re-map and reclaim

April 2013

Thanks to the Nomadic Fab Lab we got a little bit of extra coverage on radio & local news.

February 2013

Mostly this month’s news is around “The Subjects” sleep residency (see my blog post for context and read what happened via ANAT’s blog).

  • My first ever Boing Boing mention #squee! (thanks to @adelaidesean for throwing it out there and @artologica for spotting it!)
  • An interview on Radio National’s Drive with Professor Drew Dawson and myself.
  • Radio National Life Matters interview with Professor Drew Dawson, Thom Buchanan and myself (plus CQU’s post on the same recording).
  • Just a mention in Sean William’s interview with Adelaide Now (including an awesome photo).
  • Another little mention (and some concern, bless) from Sarah’s “Science for Life” blog.
  • A nod from RealTime.
  • Aaaand another teensy one in Bookonaut.

Oh and I was on the telly! Good Game (the ABC show about video games) did a feature on crowdfunding (recorded during Freeplay Independent Games Festival last year) which I have a few segments in – cool, huh?! What was really funny is that I was out at Adelaide Fringe at the time. My pocket going off with notifications from friends & strangers was hysterical, thanks guys :)

And my crowdfunding rewards got a mention in a post by StudioExsto (thanks to @sayraphim for letting me know about this).

October 2012

August 2012

July 2012

Tweet puts Techno-Priscilla on bus

Tweet puts Techno-Priscilla on bus by The Australian

June 2012

May 2012

The artist as media activist by artshub

The artist as media activist by artshub

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