Just looked up to see two Korean tourists taking photos of each other in front of #homeJames! Too funny!

As you can imagine, I’ve met many people as I’ve travelled around the country in #homeJames. Sometimes I share snippets of those exchanges, occurrences I have come to call ‘Random Conversations With Strangers’.

People have told me they really like them, so to make them a bit easier to locate I’ve published them here under the category ‘#randomconversationswithstrangers‘.

Enjoy, and by all means share your own.

Comments from readers of the series:

I love the stories of the people you meet on your travels. [Ruth, Canberra]

Honey, your life lifts my spirits like nothing else! [Sayraphim, Melbourne]

Life, what stories it provides! Thanks Fee. [Aubrey, Perth]

These snapshots of life are jsut beautiful, honey xo [Sayraphim, Melbourne]

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