MINAmobile2016 – the-phone-book Limited reflections

I was invited to be a Keynote Speaker for the MINAmobile2016 conference in Melbourne over Skype (I’m in North Wales for family reasons right now) because of my experiences running an arts org which specialised in mobile and emerging media between … Read more →

Artists, Technology, Institutions and Social Change

Last Saturday I spoke at NGV’s Symposium, Art and the Connected Future, one of the public talk programs that runs alongside their, understandably popular, Andy Warhol/Ai Weiwei exhibition. I was particularly chuffed to be invited because, given my currently dire financial situation, the last … Read more →

The Subjects at Adelaide Writers’ Week

I’ve just uploaded a whole bunch of the photos I took during #TheSubjects, an arts/science residency by ANAT (Australian Network for Art & Technology) held at The Appleton Institute exploring the affect of sleep deprivation on creativity. I sent some of them … Read more →