WTF is Digital Culture anyway?

The more I talk to people about this project, the more they ask “yeah but what exactly do you mean by digital culture?”. It’s a good question and I think it has several answers, depending on where you’re coming from. I’m coming from the perspective of media arts (which again is often hard to define!) but i have purposefully broadened the area for this project. I think digital permeates so much creative practice these days that we can’t even tell where one starts and another ends anymore.

But you are going to hear plenty more from me in the near future… So, since this whole project is about asking other people what they think about digital culture, let’s start by asking WTF you think digital culture actually is.

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UPDATE Sept 2015.

This four year old (!) post consistently comes up in my analytics, so I figure I should actually answer the question since people seem to want to know :)

In my opinion, digital art is any kind of practice that either uses technology in the process of making a work but the artwork outcome doesn’t use any technology in the delivery of it (databases which inform choreography, for example) or works that explicitly use technology in its delivery (like a space rigged full of sensors so as you move through the space it changes light/image/sound etc accordingly. Or of course it can be a combination.

Creative digital culture, on the other hand, to me is more broad, so how society and art and technology come together, from artworks to critical theory to social media platforms and beyond.

Does that help?

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