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Since I’m publishing part one today, I’ll outline some ‘rules’ of crowdsourcing ones life. Not that I’m an expert or anything, nor am I telling anyone else how they should do it. I’m just going to be trying it out like this for a bit to see what happens.

I’m interested in creative stuff that has some connection to technology, the creative people who make it happen and other creative people who then go and play with it. Therefore this project is all about travelling to different places, observing creative people’s processes and the creative technological things that they make, and capturing what happens when they all get together and play. And then moving on to the next place to start all over again.

Around this will be some loose structure:
* Before I get to a place I’ll be doing some research about events that might be happening while I’m around and asking other people to let me know if they hear of any cool stuff I should see.
* While I’m there I’ll be blogging about the place, documenting the things and interviewing the people.
* In general I’ll also be writing about what I think, what my processes are and how things are going.
* It’s entirely likely that I will offer workshops or talks about different technologies or practices. Over time I would love to gather a variety of digital work (platform allowing) that I can tour with me.

As I’m travelling there will be things that I need; like food, fuel, internet access, a decent bath once in a while – you know, life stuff. I’m open to donations and offers of sofas, dinners, etc, but I also have some reasonable skills I’m more than happy to sell or exchange for such things.

Essentially I’m going to try to do all this by crowdsourcing my life. I won’t quite be a puppet, doing anything I’m told, but I’m going to ask my friends, my networks, to help me spread the word that I need this kind of help. So to help them to help me, I’ll be announcing where I am going to be, why, what I’ve heard about that might be happening here, plus what I need and what I’m offering.

To follow each location, check out the blog posts titled ‘dear ‘ or search under the PLACE category.

… and wish me luck!

*NB: In some circles the first bit is called ‘art’, the second bit ‘artists’ and the third ‘audiences’. But let’s not get too concerned with boxes, eh?

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