Election Day

Australia, tomorrow is a Very Big Day. I can’t vote, I’m just a resident not a citizen (yet). But you can.

I’ve watched my home country, the UK, fall apart since the massively destructive ConDems took over. Under the banner of ‘austerity measures’ the old, the poor, and the sick have lost everything. Our beloved National Health Service has been privatised while fatcats roll in undeserved money. Like you, I’ve watched Queensland lose support for the arts and ecology under Liberal rule.

I’m desperately fearful for Australia’s future if the Liberal party get in tomorrow. Of course my personal concern is largely around the NBN, which will be destroyed under the misguided notion of ‘cost savings’. I’m also a woman and cannot accept the deep rooted misogyny of Tony Abbott, nor his total disregard of indigenous culture.

I need your help. Please vote below the line and for the love of all things good, please please please don’t vote for the Liberals.

VanBadham says this way better than I ever could, so I’ll leave her with the last word:

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