torsion box magic carpet table

#HouseofGardiner #homeJames #busmods update – building a torsion box as a magic carpet floating desk

Since I’ve been at House of Gardiner, we’ve done a radiator pressure test and a head gasket test (her gasket is fine, phew!); fitted two old 12v computer fans in the rear air vents to pull hot air out of the bus; rigged zips between window curtains and a new curtain rail to make ninja parking (and ‘guest bedroom’ privacy) more efficient; fixed the MooresCloud intelligent LED lighting and hacked it to work on 12v; I’ve tried my hand/improved skills at welding, knife sharpening, wood carving and leather stitching (fixing my beloved old boots) and had several inspiring conversations about digital/creative culture, mechanics and greek philosophy. Seems hJ was right about coming here instead of going bush. Thanks guys, you rock x

[originally posted via Known, October 21st 2014; more photos via flickr on the #houseofgardiner tag]

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