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in what I can only assume is a continuation from my encounter with a local homeless guy last week (ref ‪#‎randomconversationswithstrangers‬ post [now republished here]), my inner-grinch has been given a most surprising hug.

woke this morning to find a white carrier bag outside the bus with these inside. maybe they’re not from him, maybe some other modern day St Nicholas dropped them off, I dunno. but it’s an incredibly beautiful gesture and I’m seriously touched.

happy merries, whatever you (do or don’t) believe in, whoever you’re with (or not with) and wherever you are in the world. love from a slightly less grinchy grinch x

[originally posted via Known (with comments there and via facebook), December 25th 2014]

Update December 2nd 2015: comments/discussion on these posts are what encouraged me to turn them into a collection. here are a few selections from the original post:

My response to someone else: it was still a lovely gesture. later on another homeless guy I’ve seen around came over for a chat and gave me a box of chocolates that he’d been given, saying he can’t eat sugar, and again wouldn’t take anything in return.
and to continue the story, the first guy (who left the bag – I don’t wanna say their names here) just came by asking if I got it. when I thanked him he said he had a bunch of ‘leftovers’ so ‘it was nothing’. he also asked if i’d had any trouble, he told me some people tried to break in to the building he sleeps outside in Sat. he got rid of them and warned me to be careful, said if I was ever worried I should just yell and he’d come over. BLESS!
can’t help but compare our world governments (rattling around their mansions, giving welfare to wealthy mining companies and banks but taking rights and support from the people who truly need it) to a couple of guys on the streets who have given me their food and offered protection. while I despair at the politics I can’t help but admire humanity.

Sounds like what Christmas is all about, nice to hear. Seems like a Christmas you’ll remember for all the right reasons, Fee. Thanks for bringing some light to Perth, stay cool :-) [Aubrey, Perth]

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