I’m headed back to Sydney for a few days, so through I’d continue my crowdsourcing life thread here, since it’s been so incredibly successful in Adelaide!

I will be available in central Sydney from Monday 26th to Saturday 31st March (give or take a few meetings and events such as Thursday afternoon’s Echology: Making sense of data event with ANAT).

For once I’m not actually looking for anything; I have plenty of places to stay (not least my own flat for a rare treat!) and can happily keep myself ticking over with things to do. But I can offer my services as a one-to-one advisor, especially re social media for the arts, as I’ve been doing in Adelaide (but this time not subsidised – unless someone wants to suggest otherwise?!)

Things I can offer:  

  • research & consultancy
  • social media advice (on strategy, marketing and creative experiences) or live-tweeting/using my network
  • writing (technical manuals, artistic reviews, storytelling, proof-reading, copywriting)
  • problem solving (e.g. things that sound like good ideas but you don’t know enough about what’s possible, and that should work but don’t seem to be working right now)
  • installing practical technology solutions (e.g. internet networks, mobile distribution, projection and screen based work)
  • try me.

So this is how it works:

  • you contact me with the following: who you are, what you do, what areas you want to discuss and what your availability around the above days are (it helps if you complete the form below, too)
  • we arrange a time to meet and we chat for about an hour (or as arranged)
  • if you need follow-up conversations, materials, research, resources, advice, etc etc, then we discuss that at the meeting or online, costs dependent on your needs.

I’ll do these sessions at the rate of $60 for an hour’s discussion in a central location or a bit extra if travel required. I’m happy to provide an invoice/receipt on request.

If you want something more bespoke, just let me know & we’ll see what we can do!

Social Media for the Arts

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