Hello world!

When you install wordpress it automatically publishes your first blog post. “Hello world” is a bit of a geek tradition for showing that a code process actually works. But on setting this blog up, before I had even had the chance to enter any content, my friend Jenny had commented on the suitability of this title for my first post. So I’m leaving the title and comments (thanks Jen x).

As you will see from the various pages above, this is about to be a place where I say hello to the world’s perspective on digital culture. Its poncy name is “a global digital culture audit” but I prefer “a really big road trip” since that is what it actually means for me.

I will be spending about a year travelling around the world exploring what digital culture is, who is involved, and why it matters. It’s going to be a real adventure. I am no expert, I’m not an academic, I’m not working for anyone. I just hope to develop good enough questions to result in some interesting (and useful) data. And I really hope I have the stamina to get to the end!

Anyway, so far I have just entered some basic concepts to give people a flavour of where this will go. It’s definitely a work-in-progress, so bear with me. I’ll be aiming to get started in October 2011 but feel free to help or contact me about anything in the lead up to that.

So, hi. And see you soon.

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