Continuing the series of posts where I crowdsource my life, this time I’m heading over to Melbourne. I’m involved with Emerging Writers Festival at the end of May & am coming early enough to hang out at Next Wave and do a few gigs too. So… anyone want me?

On Melbourne

As a visiting artist from the UK, people would always say “Oh you should go to Melbourne, it’s so European” which begged the question… why? If I’m from Europe and have travelled to the other side of the world, why would I want to go somewhere that’s like the place I came from? However, on my first visit there in 2005, I could immediately see the attraction. Every subsequent visit I have found myself falling increasingly more in love with the city.

1. What’s on in Melbourne.

I’m visiting mainly because I’m doing some stuff for Emerging Writers Festival (more on that in a moment). And I’m coming early enough to also immerse in Next Wave Festival, do a few extra gigs and spend time in a fab city with good friends. I’m hoping to make myself useful to festival-goers as well.

2. What #rbrtOZ is up to in Melbourne

  • Spruiking the “reallybigroadtrip needs a bus!” campaign: contribute to my crowdfunding campaign to help #rbrtOZ become a reality
  • Watching/interacting with/documenting EWF & Next Wave events.
  • Chatting with artists, writers, and other creative digital types, sometimes on camera.
  • Talking to University of Melbourne Masters students in Arts and Cultural Management, Moving Image & Art Curatorship about digital technologies, communication & the future.
  • EWF: Revenge of the Nerds Slide Night, 7:30pm Wed 30 May, The Worker’s Club ($12/$8).
  • EWF: TwitterFEST: How can writers make a living from digital writing? 2-3pm Fri 1 Jun, via @emergingwriters & @feesable (free).

3. What I need in Melbourne

  • help spreading the word about my crowdfunding campaign;
  • recommendations of creative projects/people using technology going on now or during the festival;
  • some gigs – let me help you!

4. What I’m offering in Melbourne

These are the things I can offer either as commercial services or in exchange for the above:

  • research & consultancy;
  • social media advice (on strategy, marketing and creative experiences) or live-tweeting/using my network;
  • writing (technical manuals, artistic reviews, storytelling, proof-reading, copywriting);
  • problem solving (e.g. things that sound like good ideas but you don’t know enough about what’s possible, and that should work but don’t seem to be working right now);
  • installing practical technology solutions (e.g. internet networks, mobile distribution, projection and screen based work);
  • try me.

So… in summary, Melbourne… Can I help anyone and can anyone help me?

I’m going to be in town from 18th May to 4th June… find me on Twitter / Facebook / Foursquare if you want to chat or challenge me!

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