Melbourne Challenge!

As you may know, I’m off to Melbourne this week. To help drive my campaign (and in true “crowdsourcing my life” fashion), I’m offering a challenge to artists and writers involved with Emerging Writers and Next Wave Festivals (and other creative types).

If you support my campaign (by pledging money to special rewards categories and promoting it) I will do things* to help you promote your event.

This might be by:
* social media strategy/promotion
* live-tweeting
* making a video about you / your work / your event
** doing [insert thing here] that we both agree will increase your engagement (like a totally original interactive event bespoke to your work/event).

The more you pledge and support through promotion of my campaign** the bigger time investment & mutual promotion you will receive from me for yours.

Of course there is a risk here that I won’t actually reach my campaign target, and you might get a bunch of work from me for free. But I’m prepared to take that risk. Besides, it’ll be FUN TRYING!


Contact me via:

Like the idea but can’t see a reward category that suits you?

Well I’m open to negotiation. Email me to discuss what you can afford and what you are after, and I’ll see what I can do :)

The fine print

* terms and conditions apply & collaboration is encouraged; PLEASE NOTE THESE REWARDS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE PERIOD 14th MAY – 4th JUNE 2012.

** sharing the campaign link across your networks, tagging @feesable, #rbrtOZ or my facebook page and the pozible campaign link, e.g. by tagging my Facebook Page on fb posts, or by tweeting something like this:

>> reallybigroadtrip needs a bus! contribute to my crowdfunding campaign to help #rbrtOZ become a reality! <<

Please share this with anyone you know in (or going to) Melbourne, and message me if you’re going to be around for fun and frolicking!

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