Photos from the #TrashMasque New Year’s Eve party with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

my sort-of permission to go make a video out of these photos (coming soon...)my pimp'd boots & mask (at the start of the night, at least)green room @ revolt, melbourne - early (see how neat n tidy it is?!)green room @ revolt, melbournethe gift bags for VIPsthe gift bags for VIPs
rehearsals (lyndon chester, jen kingwell, neil gaiman, tom dickins, amanda palmer, saint clare, mikelangelo)rehearsals (jen kingwell, neil gaiman, tom dickins, amanda palmer, saint clare, mikelangelo)tom dickinsrehearsals (amanda palmer, jen kingwell, lyndon chester, tom dickins, saint clare, mikelangelo)rehearsals (tom dickins, jen kingwell, saint clare, mikelangelo)revolt - what a venue!
noms for VIPsnoms for VIPsthe gift bags for VIPssetlistthe gift bags for VIPsrehearsals (amanda palmer, mikelangelo, saint clare)
rehearsals (amanda palmer, mikelangelo, saint clare, bedroom philosopher)reearsals - danger ensemblerevolt venue, steampunk-tasticrehearsals (amanda palmer, tom dickins, jen kingwell)rehearsals (neil gaiman, amanda palmer, lyndon chester, tom dickins, jen kingwell, mikelangelo, saint clare, bedroom philosopher)rehearsals (tom dickins, jen kingwell)

TrashMasque, a set on Flickr.

Well it only took me five months and twenty days to get around to doing this… and i’m not really finished because I want to make a little video out of them all too… but… here you go.

I was invited to live-tweet this debauched evening of awesomeness. Please note (most of) these photos were taken on a mobile phone in an effort to create an immediate flavour of the night. And I’m not a professional photographer. And I might have had one or two passion pops (which I’d never had before; in retrospect they’re quite revolting). Anyway, my disclaimer is that quite often these photos are a bit crap. But the night was amazing and my tweets were brilliant*!

Thanks everyone for much fun and frolicking x



Amanda PalmerNeil GaimanHolly Gaiman; Steven M WrightThe Danger EnsembleTom DickinsJennifer Kingwell; (also known together as The Jane Austen Argument); MikelangeloMeow MeowSt. Clare; Bedroom PhilosopherLyndon James ChesterMarieke Hardy (who I didn’t get to photograph); William Cooper; jaron luksaLance Horne; all happening at Revolt Melbourne; and me, Fee Plumley – @feesable (tho I was @bigtripco at the time).

Here’s a handy twitter list for you to follow: twitter.com/#!/amandapalmer/nye-trash-ma squerade.

* my tweets probably weren’t brilliant, it was most likely just the passion pop making me think they were. my head really hurt the next day. and my boots fell apart. especially after i walked home. like i said, i was a helluva night!

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