Today Regional Arts Australia announced the full program for their upcoming national conference, Kumuwuki. I’m thrilled to say that I will be one of their Keynote speakers – my first ever time in such a prestigious role!

Kumuwuki, Regional Arts Australia National Conference

Kumuwuki, Regional Arts Australia National Conference

I will be opening the second day with the inimitable Sara Diamond, a wonderful woman on her first ever visit to Australia. She has done so much for international creative digital culture that I just don’t know where to start (actually I do; you should buy Euphoria & Dystopia which reflects a meagre segment of the amazing Banff New Media Institute).

It will be a huge honour to be on stage with her especially after all the wonderful support she has provided to me personally over the years. There are also a whole host of amazing speakers and artists… it’s an event that I would be attending even if I wasn’t actually, like, contracted to be there!

To honour this event, I have created a brand new special offer in the rewards section of my crowdfunding campaign (details below, but look for the $200 reward on the pozible page). There are five nights around the conference, and I am inviting guests to stay with me for just three of those nights (a girl has to have a bit of rest time after such an event, dontchathink?!) – so get in quick!

For those who have already pledged, you can edit your selection or just add a whole new one :)

Thanks again for all your support. Maybe we’ll be able to chat about all this over morning coffee in a few months time!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: in honour of my first ever Keynote Plenary at Regional Arts Australia’s conference, Kumuwuki, in Goolwa this October!

Want to be a mini Nomad in Residence?

I am offering my bus for three night’s accommodation during Kumuwuki, Oct 18-21st 2012.

The offer is available for either one or two people at a rate of $200 per night, staying with me on the bus. Actual night dates will be arranged after pledging – first come, first served.

I shall also provide breakfast. And there might even be special guests.

NB: This offer is obviously only valid if I reach my target and have a bus to take up to Goolwa! I’ll know by July 12th, but bear in mind accommodation might be scarce, so you might want to have a backup plan…


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