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I’ve been suffering quite a bit from self-doubt of late. Putting yourself out in the public eye to sell yourself (i.e. begging) isn’t something i’m accustomed to & I really can’t say it’s something I much enjoy. The crowdfunding campaigns that are pre-selling something have way more likelihood of succeeding, but understanding that (when I’m not actually pre-selling anything) just makes the self-doubt even stronger.

The support I’ve been getting has been amazing, though. I talk a bit about some of the benefits of crowdfunding outside of financial pledges in my last video. But here’s a few snippets of the things that people have been saying. I often rant excitedly about media arts & why creative digital play is important, but it means a LOT to me to hear this from other people.

THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged/shared/been generally bloody lovely x (currently $6,771 of $25,000 goal, from 106 people with 21 days to go)

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