Countdown: the 12days of busmas!

Running a crowdfunding campaign feels a little bit like Christmas. Every time you get a notification of a pledge you wonder who it’s from and how much closer it takes you to your campaign target. The excitement is palpable.

Every morning I check the figures to see how much has been raised, from how many people, how much still needs to be raised and how long have I got to go. So far I’ve raised $8,420 from 137 people, with twelve days and $16,580 to go. It’s a countdown. Which made me think… what else counts down twelve days? Christmas! I’ve decided to therefore start a thing I’m going to call “#12daysofbusmas“: a new reward every day for the last twelve days, each increasing in value and exclusivity.

It’s Saturday 30th June and I’m down at Format with the Hackerspace Adelaide crew. They’ve been building 3D printers for ages now and I’ve been watching quietly over their shoulders. Today I signed up with Tinkercad and started running through their lessons with the intention of making …something (no spoilers!).  Lesson 5 was “putting letters on a keyring”, so I obviously started writing “#rbrtOZ”. Only they didn’t have a hashtag, so I made one (which made me really happy).

It looks like this:



Anyway, it’s really silly … but what the hell! HackADL have offered to let me print twelve of them, so that I can offer them as campaign rewards. These are now available on the campaign page at $30 each. Since they’re not entirely original (see disclaimer, below) I’ll number each on a first-come-first-served basis to make them much more uniquely limited edition. Claim yours here:

Here are a few images to show process … and prove I made them!







Disclaimer: These are ‘original’ in the sense that I don’t think you’ll find them randomly in anyone else’s pocket/handbag. But, the basic concept was taken from a Tinkercad lesson and my version is creative commons licensed and public. If you have a 3D printer you can go to Tinkercad and find my profile, download the design and send it to your own machine. But then you won’t have had one that I made, signed and numbered.


For all 12 special rewards, click on the links below.

Reward/Day #11: Fingerless mittens “with a difference”.

Reward/Day #10: A unique blog post/social media promotion about you, your work, your community…

Reward/Day #9: A proper old-school British High Tea. (P.S… we also just passed $9,000! #squee!)

Reward/Day #8 (or, teehee, “ate”): A 3D printed cookie cutter in the shape of the #rbrtOZ bus – and hand made cookies!

Reward/Day #7: Your name/logo on (and personal copy of) an e-brochure on eco-responsibility in the #rbrtOZ bus.

Reward/Day #6: A hand-knitted, stuffed toy version of the #rbrtOZ bus logo.

Reward/Day #5: Use the #rbrtOZ bus as a location for your film/photography shoot.

Reward/Day #4: Learn and trial 3D printing for yourself, using your own design.

Reward/Day #3: Sponsor your very own Nomad in Residence.

Reward/Day #2: Handhold you through your own creative digital crowdfunding campaign.

So get pledging!

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