#12daysofbusmas: 11 days to go

Hand-made fingerless mittens are the reason I wanted to learn to knit (this winter has been COLD for me in Australia). But when I went to just buy wool/needles (having done no research or planning) I realised maybe they weren’t the smartest thing to begin with. So I started easy and made a scarf. It started like this (below) but ended up as a massive “thneed” – a kind of hood-with-scarf-wraparound. Anyway, it was fun to make and extremely relaxing to do. I’m hooked (pardon the pun ;P).

early days for my (now massive) scarf

early days for my (now massive) scarf

So for today’s #12daysofbusmas reward, I will make eleven extremely limited edition pairs of fingerless mittens ‘with a difference’. I’d love to knit the logo on them but I’m not sure I’m clever enough for that yet. I’ll try and update here with photos so you can tell me what you think! Otherwise you can tell me what colour you’d like, at least.

The ‘with a difference’ part is something else I’m playing with. For now just trust that it’s kinda silly, and very suited to geeks. Once I know I can make it happen I’ll explain and/or show a photo…

For now I’m off to buy more wool and a crochet needle!

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