#12daysofbusmas: 4 days to go

3D Printing is tipped to be the future of manufacturing. For some people/sectors it could change everything. It might not be the most efficient solution for production runs in their thousands, but for making one-off parts, or prototyping your inventions, it’s an incredibly accessible and affordable resource. You don’t even need to be a fully-fledged geek to make it so. If you don’t have access to a printer you can use tools like Tinkercad to design your creation and then send it through to companies like Ponoko for it to be printed.

3D Printer (courtesy Hackerspace Adelaide)

3D Printer (courtesy Hackerspace Adelaide)

Or, for #12daysofbusmas (4 days to go) I’ll help you design your special something and then send you a couple of 3D prints of it. Bear in mind your design needs to be achievable in contemporary 3D printing (I can’t print in Gold but I could print you a burrito, for example ;P) but we can discuss all of that as we go.

Interested in learning and trialling 3D printing for yourself? Get pledging! http://pozible.com/reallybigroadtrip.

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