#12daysofbusmas: 9 days to go

A mad little tea party by Zack Sheppard

A mad little tea party by Zack Sheppard (cc licensed via flickr)

Today’s #12daysofbusmas reward (9 days to go) celebrates passing $9,000 of my campaign target. Wow. That’s really something!

I think a High Tea is in order!

For $65.00 you and up to three of your mates can come for a mad little tea party on the bus. That might be in Goolwa, when I’m Keynote Speaker at Kumuwuki, the Regional Arts Australia conference. It might be at Floating Land on the Sunshine Coast when I’m an artist in Residence. Or it might be at another time/place over the next year according to wherever the bus and you are and whatever else is going on at the time. It might even happen with a special Nomad in Residence guest!

There will be tea (and coffee), cucumber sandwiches cut into triangles with the crusts cut off, scones jam and cream… and a great deal of geek talk. It will be FUN!

NB If you’re not in Australia but would like to pledge for this reward, I will arrange for a remote-equivalent of this. It might not be quite the same but it will have its own unique edge, I promise!

UPDATE July 4th: I’ll also bake some cookies in the shape of the bus.

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