#12daysofbusmas: 8 days to go

Are you a cookie monster? Do you like buses? Would you enjoy eating cookies in the shape of a bus?!

Yeah! Me too!

train cookies i made/decorated for a friend's birthday - not the bus version you'll be getting but similar!

train cookies i made/decorated for a friend’s birthday – not the bus version you’ll be getting, but similar!

While I was making the 3D printed keyrings last weekend, one of the Hackerspace Adelaide crew (and rbrt supporter) Steven Pickles told me that there was a 3d printing design for cookie cutters on Thingiverse (the home of 3D printing funtimes). It turns out that there are quite a few of them!

I’ve started a design but haven’t got a full printed version to show you yet. The above picture of colourfully decorated ginger Train set cookies I made for a friend’s birthday last year will have to whet your appetite. (Be nice, that was my first time drawing with icing ;P)

In case you haven’t guessed yet, today’s #12daysofbusmas reward (8 – or perhaps, “ate” – days to go) is a 3D printed cookie cutter in the shape of the #rbrtOZ bus.

3D printing is (mainly) open source culture; given a bit of time and access to a 3D printer, you could just Do It Yourself. So… as an extra special treat I will bake you cookies to go alongside your cookie cutter! If you live somewhere I’m not allowed to post you food items, I’ll send you a very special recipe for cookies that you can make yourself…

The perfect accompaniment to a mad little tea party, or your afternoon of coding.

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