We broke Pozible, but we raised over $25,000 for a geek arts bus.

I don’t know where to start.


Thank you.

I… I have to um… I don’t know… Damn, why did I run out of coffee yesterday?!! Anyone got a bottle of champagne?!

Keep pledging, every single extra dollar will go in to making the bus MORE AWESOME! More tech, more guests, more art made… Just MOAR!!!

Wow. Best day of my life, right here. And it’s all because of YOU!





UPDATE: Final figure: $27,061. INCREDIBLE! x

A few people have asked if they can contribute even though the campaign is over. I have a donate button on the top right of the blog, or by all means contact me to discuss anything specific.

I’m taking a few days to recover (and apparently to get sick, meh) but I’ll be back soon, and will post about what happened… madness, wonderful wonderful madness…

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