5000 twitter followers!

aka … and now one from the “department of feeling a bit silly”…


I spotted yesterday that I was nearing 5000 followers. I haven’t done any cleaning up in there for a while so it is entirely possible that a bunch of those are bots or defunct accounts (do tweet me if you’re neither and I’m not following you :). I was therefore being a bit silly when I suggested celebrating it. But 5000 is a pretty cool number, right?

Anyway, I tweeted that this was a thing and said I’d offer the 5000th follower a cup of tea on the bus. It seems twitter didn’t like that very much because I went from 4994 followers DOWN to 4989 followers over the afternoon. Sigh. But today things picked up again and I hit – and then overtook – the 5000 mark.

The 5000th follower was @prawn_gravies, who was at the This is Not Art Digital Forum last weekend (the #tinadigital that I filled my twitterfeed with). I don’t think he’d had any idea about the 5000th thingie, he was just following me back after the event. He’s actually moving to Singapore soon so this will be an interesting remote-cuppa!

Meet the first ‘winner’:

@prawn_gravies AKA Shaun Davies

5000th twitter follower @prawn_gravies AKA Shaun Davies

And then…

During yesterday afternoon, @sayraphim (she of the ‘knit along with fee n me‘ fame) stated emphatically that rewarding the 5000th follower was silly because it neglected all the other people who had supported you for longer. She’s right. So I decided to also add a reward for a random name selected from my twitter followers.

Which is where it got even more silly.

I couldn’t bear the idea of printing and cutting up 5000 twitter names just so I could pull one out of a hat! So I tweeted that I was looking for a random follower app, and then stopped being lazy and went and googled for one. I found twitrand which allegedly scours your followers for a random person but hasn’t come back with anything yet. And by the next time I’d looked at twitter, @gritfish had made me one!

@gritfish's twitter random follower ap

@gritfish’s twitter random follower ap

I used his system to come up with another random follower … because it’s nice to use something someone has made for you, and besides, the other one might not return any result at all.

Please therefore also ‘meet’ the second ‘winner’, randomly selected from my 5000+ followers using @gritfish‘s app *drumroll*… @AtomicBlonde37

twitter follower selected at random = @AtomicBlonde37

twitter follower selected at random = @AtomicBlonde37

If the other app comes back with one as well I’ll post a third ‘winner’. Random selection winner(s) will get a bundle of goodies from the Regional Arts Australia conference and my visit to Goolwa in a couple of weeks.

… and I guess all this means that @gritfish should get a reward too, eh?!

… aaaaaand then I go bankrupt ;P

Thanks for playing! x

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