"big bus, little bus" photo by Sayraphim Lothian @Sayraphim

“big bus, little bus” photo by Sayraphim Lothian @Sayraphim

Four women from four different lands (UK, US, AU, CA) converge in Sydney in June 2013 for the International Symposium on Electronic Art. Collectively the four have never physically shared the same geographic location at the same time, although lead artist Fee Plumley has spent time independently with all of the others. Creatively the four have never previously collaborated but they are brought together by a collective interest in exploring location and its affect on meaningful human connection.

Because they reside across the world No[w]here is a digitally-driven collaboration process through skype calls, shared documents and emails. It will culminate physically with all four arriving at ISEA2013 in Sydney. Once there we invite you to join us for a series of experiences around the city that will be announced through the reallybigroadtrip blog and social spaces – sign up for notifications below.

Expect maps that lie, perambulatory conversations that uncover liminal spaces, and the decadent sensation of being lost on purpose.

Fee Plumley is a Welsh/Mancunian/Australian nomadic geek artist travelling around Australia in a bus, making and sharing with everyone she meets along the way. | | @feesable

Kate Chapman is a US geographer and technologist from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team who has most recently been working in Jakarta on crisis preparedness and response. @wonderchook

Brenda L Croft is a member of the Gurindji/Malngin/Mudpurra peoples from the Northern Territory, Australia. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA), College of Fine Arts (CoFA), UNSW.

Cheryl L’Hirondelle is a non-status/treaty nêhiyaw/âpihtawikosisan (cree/metis) interdisciplinary artist and singer/songwriter from the land now known as canada.

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