wanted: caring home for little knitted bus

All the buses are unique, but this is the only one I made a white roof for, so it's super-unique too!

This is one of those posts where I openly make myself look bad because I want to make sure someone else gets the glory of deservedly looking bloody marvellous.

My crowdfunding campaign ended two and a half years ago and I still owe some of my supporters their rewards. (Yes, this is the bit where I -rightfully- look bad). It’s not that I won’t honour them – hell no, I fret about these ‘debts’ every bloody day – but some are hard to deliver for geographic or timing reasons. And others – like the lovely little knitted buses which Sayraphim Lothian so generously taught me (and you, if you want) how to make – have just been sitting in various stages of materials/production, at times on and off the bus, as I’ve journeyed around being too slow/busy/stressed/distracted/blah to finish them. No excuses there, just me being rubbish.

Aaaaanyway. Yesterday I contacted one of the recipients of said buses, to check that her postal address is still the same before I sent it:

my original email

my original email

Little did I expect this absolutely delightful reply:

erika's reply

erika’s reply

Not only are our two profile pics spookily similar, but check out how I’m the one who fucks up and yet she’s the one who apologises more profusely (and hysterically) about it all! And her twitter handle – @ericajoy – is SO DAMNED APT! What an absolute joy of a woman!

A nice little convo ensued, and a decision was made:

a decision was made

a decision was made

So, if you have an idea for a recipient for this lil fella which is a better ‘good cause’ than it becoming Erika’s dog’s chew-toy (!), comment here on the blog and Erika and I will choose a ‘winner’. The only request we have is that when it arrives, the recipient has to take a photo of themselves and the bus in its new home (or somewhere it feels especially happy) and then tweet it to both Erika (@ericajoy) and myself (@feesable) so we know it’s arrived safe n sound.

All the buses are unique, but this is the only one I made a white roof for, so it's super-unique too!

All the buses are unique, but this is the only one I made a white roof for, so it’s super-unique too!

This is all very ad-hoc and poorly thought through (for example: should we have a deadline? yeah, let’s say a week from today, so by Friday 16th January 2015) and I realise I might end up having to pay a whackload for postage overseas somewhere, but hey, that’s my own damn fault for being so slack.

Oh, and for anyone else still awaiting their reward, I’ll get to you. I couldn’t not get to you, my conscience wouldn’t allow it (and I’m sorry). And go follow @ericajoy on Twitter, because that kinda loveliness is worth having in anyone’s feed.

Hugs to y’all – now bring on the new home! x

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