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There’s enough negativity in this world so I usually only share positive stories from my random conversations with strangers. Today this story had a ‘faith in humanity = restored’ outcome, so it’s shifted from a facebook rant on Dec 29th to a little story here. For anyone curious in broader context (e.g. why this little exchange irked me so deeply), I’ve previously written about a call for common land for nomads, which responds to some of the most regular criticisms of nomadicy.

Here’s the original rant:

Just got asked to move homeJames so a truck could get up a side road. I’d not even gotten out the bus before a local came and asked how long I’d be there. My joke about that being an existential question sadly fell on humourless ears.

I’d specifically not used this new (temporary, til the truck leaves) spot because it’s under shade making it highly sought after (I notice these things and always try to respect the needs/norms of locals). This woman told me they want those spaces, said she knew about the truck and knew I was housesitting for a couple weeks (so why ask?). Then she said another local had complained that the bus had ‘been here so long it’s obviously abandoned and someone should report it’ (it’s been parked there three days since xmas & 1 day before! I’m not even living in it, ffs).

Jeez people, I know you like your shade, your habits and your perceived possession of space, but there’s nothing illegal about me parking my vehicle in a street with no parking restrictions… anywhere I choose. I’ll move her back when the truck leaves but basically your passive aggressive assumptions/criticisms can go screw themselves. Merry season of open hearts and compassion… Not. *sigh*

After posting that I made a note to put in the windscreen to try to dissuade bushaters from reporting my baby as ‘abandoned’ (see top photo). I hoped someone would reply, but nothing happened… until today, when I spotted this:

Thank you, dear buslover, for making my day! <3
And it seems I’m now building a note empire for my last few days here…
All the best for 2016, may your hearts be full of love and acceptance of otherness and your streets be full of nomads! xx

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