really little soft launch

Today is July 1st. It’s the day I finally make the announcement about ending my contract at the Australia Council and the day this little adventure becomes public.

It’s not a launch, that won’t happen until September when I hit the ISEA Festival in Istanbul. But today still means something. Suddenly this thing that has been in my head for over a year, this thing that recently gained traction through the generosity of friends, well… it kind of becomes real.

So I thought now might be a good time to give newcomers a little taste of media arts. Hopefully a few of these slides will show enough of a glimpse to help you understand why it has held my fascination for the last fifteen years.

[slideshare id=8468581&doc=mediaartlive-110630080136-phpapp01]

Most slides have links from them either to the artist’s sites or to other examples of that kind of work. The final slide shows some of the projects I have been involved with. But much more on all that in due course.

For now: welcome. Grab a seat, follow me on twitter (currently @artsdigitalera but that name will change) now @feesable and Facebook, and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Wow, a global digital culture audit, by Fee, Earth’s Digital Arts Ambassador to the Galaxy.
    The fun of those Phonebook Co workshops over here in Perth back ’05 or ’06, or whenever it was (it was certainly pre-smartphone days), are still fresh in my memory.
    All the very best with this adventure, odyssey, really big road trip thing Fee.

    • thanks Aubrey. i can’t remember precisely when the-phone-book Ltd worked with you, but it would have been 2004/5, as we were only here 2003/4/5 and then not again until I moved here in 2008. I always loved this country’s openness. i felt stifled in the UK, and am convinced this project would never have had the audacity to come out of me from there. let’s see where it goes from here :)

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