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I’m Fee Plumley, a media artist, creative producer, technoevangelist and recently a funder of digital culture through the Australia Council for the Arts. Like many artists, I have a bundle of other roles depending on who’s asking for what kind of help (we’re known as “Generation Slashies“, apparently!).

Here’s what I’ve been using as my bio of late. I’m sure I’ll change it again over time… but really, you can ask me anything & I promise to be honest. Although everyone deserves some privacy, even someone on the internet :)

Brief Bio

A self-confessed ‘technoevangelist’, Fee Plumley was previously best known for encouraging people to be creative with their mobile phones through the-phone-book Limited (UK 2000-2008). She moved to Australia in 2008, and in 2011 was granted permanent residency on a Distinguished Talent visa.

Last year’s crowdfunding campaign for #homeJames (the reallybigroadtrip bus) went viral thanks to tweets from Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Hugh Jackman. This major social media floozy last year live-tweeted Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s Eve #TrashMasque, and managed a team of live-tweeters to cover the 2012 Adelaide Festival Artists’ & Writers’ Weeks. This year she built and managed the online community engagements for Adelaide’s Mini Maker Faire and ISEA2013 (the latter working with Elliott Bledsoe).

In the physical world last year she curated an art/games program for Freeplay Independent Games Festival and this year has been commissioned and exhibited by Canberra’s Centennial Birthday celebrations, Floating Land Festival and ISEA2013. Last year she was a mentor for The Hive, and right now she and her bus are residents on Cockatoo Island where they are mentoring/collaborating with Creative Nonfiction on Underbelly Arts Festival.

Fee is a frequent presenter at conferences and has been a Keynote Speaker for the Regional Arts Australia’s Kumuwuki in Goolwa, SA and Balance/Unbalance at the Noosa Biosphere in Queensland. She can often be found as a co-host of ABC’s Download this Show, Marc Fennell’s radio series exploring digital culture.

Expect nothing but trouble to come from her as she tours the country making and sharing digital art with her Nomads in Residence and everyone they meet en route. reallybigroadtrip.com | @feesable

Longer (but older*) Biography

* I really need to update this…

“Fee Plumley” is an artist, writer, consultant, speaker, and self confessed ‘technoevangelist‘.

My experience in Theatre Design and Technology (BA, 1995) somehow got distracted by the (then) quite new phenomenon known as the Internet. Seduced by this new digital culture, I went on to obtain a Masters in Interactive Multimedia Production (MA, 1997). This kickstarted a (trans)media arts practice as a creative producer, combining (primarily) technology, performance and literature.

An inherent early-adopter, I like to take others along for an extremely collaborative ride. I have curated public screen content (GMI, London, 1999 & BBC Bigger Picture, 2004), enabled community webcasting (Superchannel.org 1999-03), and created interactive experiences for clients including Douglas Rushkoff (Ecstasy Club, Manchester 1997) and the Manchester Literature Festival (The Burgess Project, Manchester 2006).

As co-founder of UK based company the-phone-book Limited (2000-2008), I was best known for encouraging people to be creative with their mobile phones at a time when most people didn’t realise the power they carried in their pockets. I have chaired a media arts network and advised boards of company development relating to digital strategies. I am often found as a speaker, mentor and juror at international arts gatherings, games festivals and educational establishments (Freeplay, ISEA, Banff New Media Institute [RIP], AIMIA & BAFTA). And I’ve been involved in a couple of international exhibitions (Huddersfield Media Centre, UK; Media Miniatures, Manhattan; Platform Animation Festival, Portland) and written for other people’s exhibitions (Larissa Hjorth, Micronarratives).

Until recently I was found promoting a culture of digital literacy and strategic innovation as the Digital Program Officer at the Australia Council for the Arts. There I was attempting to debunk the term “geek”, showcasing generative art systems, and helping arts organisations increase their confidence with social media and online tools. I eagerly await the arrival of the National Broadband Network & the chance to endorse its wealth of creative opportunity. Oh and I’m now a “distinguished talent” (hehehe) permanent resident too!


I am a sole trader working under the company name technoevangelist, ABN: 90370738368. I am proud to be an accredited member of Craftsouth.

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