Nikola Tesla was a fricken genius. Completely bonkers, but a fricken genius nonetheless. The more I learn about geekery the more I wish I’d known this man so I could hug him in thanks.

I was pretty happy when The Oatmeal published “Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived” (I’d even buy the poster if I had an, um, wall to put it on!). I was even more thrilled when Matthew Inman became the figurehead for a massive crowdfunding campaign to help save Tesla’s old laboratory, Wardenclyffe Tower. The campaign was a huge success (they raised nearly 1.5 million – and HELL YEAH I contributed!) and a quiet little notice went out on social media last week:

"WE DID IT! Wardenclyffe is ours!"

Now this might seem unrelated, but last night I went to see They Might Be Giants, a band I’ve loved since I was a teenager but never seen live before. It’s been a crazy hectic time of late and I almost bailed on going, but my word I’m glad I did. It was already an awesome gig, and then they played a track in honour of Tesla from their new album Nanobots. It’s everything you’d expect from these guys, full of facts and love… but here, listen yourself:

Then this morning I saw a new poster from Mister Oatmeal updating the world about the project’s progress; go check it out. I especially love this bit, I guess because I can relate, crowdfunding-wise:

This campaign wasn’t about crowd-funding a video game or financing a startup or creating a fancy new gadget. It was about righting a wrong. It was a way for everyone to collectively say:

“Mr. Tesla:

we’re sorry humanity forgot about you for a little while.

We still love you lots.

Here’s a Goddamn Museum.”

The post also explains that renovating the building & grounds will take even more time and money (obviously). But check this out:

Furthermore, there are believed to be tunnels underneath the property that were built by Tesla and may still house some of his equipment … There are rumors of a huge underground resonance chamber…


So I have an idea that’s so bloody obvious I’m hoping they already have plans underway: TMBG should play a gig at Wardenclyffe Tower to support its continued restoration/excavation. Hell I’d probably even fly to the States to be there for it. So I’m going to suggest it. If you agree, suggest it too. Hell, let’s use a hashtag – #TESLAGIG.

Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower contacts:
Email: info@teslasciencecenter.org

Matthew Inman / The Oatmeal contacts:
Email his publicist: filter@theoatmeal.com

They Might Be Giants contacts:
Email: fanclub@theymightbegiants.com

And while I’m here, HUGE thanks to all those people who genuinely share the love in crowdfunding and supporting projects like these. Pre-sales is good too but it means a lot when people just want to see you make your dreams come true. I can’t hug Tesla, but one day I’ll go to Wardenclyffe & I’ll hug it, just like people hug homeJames when they meet her <3.

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